Vacation Meals

Try something new!

If you're making meals in a vacation home; keep it fun and simple. Take a cookbook that you've been wanting to try.


Vacation House Cooking Rules

Everyone has a job And Keep it Fun:

  • The cooks (one chef and kitchen slaves) do not set the table or cleanup;
    the cooks plan, shop, cook and serve.
  • The scullions (everyone who isn't a cook) set the table, take the dishes away, and clean up afterwards; including washing and and putting dishes away.


Try local food; don't make what you normally make at home

  • Be adventurous.
  • Don't get fast food or visit the chains you always visit.


Vacation recipes 


Meals Ideas


  • Have waffles topped with fresh fruit and vanilla yogurt.
  • Breakfast burrito/wrap.



  • Grilled vegetables and cheese panini sandwich.
  • Salad or quesadilla made from leftovers (BBQ chicken, shrimp, grilled vegetables...)
  • Wraps



  • If you want a quite evening at home, pick up items from a local deli.
    One of our favorites: a take-and-steam steamer pot from
    Steamers Shellfish to Go - if you're enjoying North Carolina's Outerbanks.


Snacks and Appetizers

  • Guacamole and chips
  • Curry cheese and crusty bread



  • Mojitos
  • Citrus punch



Laughter is an instant vacation.

— Milton Berle