Get Packing!

Every vacation I pull together another list of things to pack, prep (buy pet food for sitter, forward the phone...), buy (groceries, batteries), and take (every year, more electronics)...
Thanks to a collaborative effort from family and friends on our last vacation, now I have it all listed here. And you get to use it too.

Enjoy, Valerie      


About the lists

These checklists are oriented to families and couples sharing a vacation rental house; but I will add more in the future, like driving vacations.

  • Checklist of items to take.
  • Grocery shopping list when you get there. Fun vacation recipes too.
  • Checklist of info to get on the internet: tide tables, activities, weather forecast... and more.

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A vacation is for everyone

Share the tasks and duties. No one person should be doing all the housekeeping, laundry, cooking and cleaning, planning, grocery shopping, baby sitting and child entertaining.

Make it clear before going, what the tasks are and assign them ahead.

Task are less dreadful when shared; assign tasks to be done with a partner. Making cooking a group task - it's actually fun.

Or better: take a shorter vacation and use the savings to hire a cook and maid service.